Welcome to 2021

Complete all 17 Core List Technologies to Tech 3 mastery
Host first ever share sale – Members Only
Reach $25k Net worth
Hold a resource reserve of 1M Refined in Common, Uncommon & Rare
Acquire first security asset
Issue first corp dividend to shareholders
Basic Treasury in play – Manually operated
All key discord information is moved to website
Tokens are on chain

Reach $50k Net Worth
Hold a resource reserve of 1M in Ultra & Exotics
Treasury now distributes purchased sd automatically via smart contract
Securities generate at least $5 a day passively
Corp conducts its first public share sale
Fleet contains 30 Prometheus vessels
Corp now sells its own crates via website for SD
Corp contains an equity stake in at least 1 financed CSC start up
Subscriptions now offered externally and purchased via website
Corp owns 8% of Elysium Manufacturing Publics
Add a second crypto game title to the companies operations

Reach $100k Net Worth
Corp Fleet contains 10 dreadnaught class vessels or more
Corp officially incorporates in the real world if not already
Crypto Currency based assets generate interest and Treasury gold reserves do to
Securities generate an average of $10 per day passively or more
Stardust is adopted by other guilds as reserve currency
Stardust trades on 2 exchanges and is listed on coinmarketcap
Emphasis is placed on acquiring subscribers and amassing a huge ship reserve
Corp owns 12% of Elysium Manufacturing publics

Reach $250k Net worth
Partnerships & SD user adoption from other game titles is sought
SD ecosystem is booming, we begin taking our 20% of the 10% burn as corp profit
A mini exchange is set up on website for Guild Currencies in any game title we support
Crypto holdings and or Securities are leveraged, positions amplified by 20%
Begin searching for a commercial headquarters in the real world
100% of corp sales are done via website automatically, we just ship the paid for product
Corp expands benefits of subscriptions into other titles
Year Summary

The first quarter of 2021 focuses on completing the preparation phase for business, previously known as phase 2. The rest of the year will be spent building ship reserves and getting SD adopted. Our primary industry will begin as ships and made to order side jobs for mods but we will be focusing on creating our own products to maintain an edge over the competition.

Our largest source of income by the end of 2021 should be Stardust sales. In a similar fashion to when a user purchases gfc, we will conduct the sale of Stardust for PaxG. However, that paxg is used to back the value of circulating SD rather than corp profit. The company will make its profit through its share of the burns. This amounts to 20% of the burn or 2% of the transaction in other words. SD redeemed for corp goods/services will be a profit and will be rolled over to fund corp mission expenditures generating even more value to sd users, but for now its a pure burn because we print sd from nothing currently. In a healthy ecosystem, PaxG should be added to the Treasury consistently, burning should take place frequently and thus the company will earn with its burn cut and those who hold SD will benefit from an increasing gold backing as more burning and buying take place. The more valuable SD is the higher the value of our 2% cut and the more adoption the more transactions. Its evident how this would be our largest product by far if we get it going so thats what 2021 is about.

We will create our own crates this year and have all sales etc facilitated via the website ecom style. We will also be creating an exchange for Guild currencies which is an untapped market. Well slowly collect commissions this way and build a portfolio of other guilds coins.

By the end of 2021 our income streams will look like this:
– SD Subscriptions
– 2% Burn cut
– Made to order modules and Ships Sales
– Guild currency exchange commissions
– Securities & Crypto Holdings appreciation and dividend yields
– Equity and profits from financed stakes in other guilds (Dragons Den style)
– Game currency sales from passive public facility rentals
– Unknown industries developed in other crypto game titles

2021 end target net worth is $250k and ideally 20% of that will be in securities
2022 well target 1 mill if this year gos good.


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