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Stardust is a sovereign currency issued by Starlight Industries and used by all who seek to engage with its ecosystem. Starlight industries has gone the traditional route in selecting the ERC-20 standard due to familiarity and security despite impractical gas fees at times. Stardust is a unique, asset backed deflationary token that uses a built in burning mechanism to curb inflation and bring gradual growth to holders. Stardust is used to encourage corporate expansion and to give holders a reliable store of value that grows based on true value, not just speculation.

SD Prototype

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Harvested from the remains of the great war, Stardust uses refined hardened star ashes infused with an anger born of pain and oppression and topped with a crystal coating for a shimmering finish. Legend has it if you stare into the light you can still hear the cries of the forgotten.

Why Stardust

For all of Space time commanders have sought a reliable store of value after the GFI went rogue, hyper inflated the GRP currency supply, and left immense poverty and inequality in their wake. Stardust seeks to motivate commanders once more, positioning itself as the future reserve currency of the galaxy and beyond.

Understanding Stardust Mechanics

Stardust combines a burning mechanism to curb inflation while enhancing the underlying reserve ratio per circulating coin therefore delivering value to holders over time.

Burning: Every Stardust transaction that takes place on chain will undergo a 10% sales tax in a similar fashion to purchasing goods or services in a store. Rather than pocket the entirety of the fee for sovereign operations, 80% is burned from existence with the remaining 20% being placed towards corporate growth so it may offer more services to the people.

Treasury Reserve: Stardust adopts the trusted, historical gold standard (with a few twists) in which its reserves hold real investment grade gold instilling confidence in its holders. Over time we intend to expand asset allocations into securities or other precious metals creating a currency that grows with its economy, not one that takes from it.

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How to Obtain Stardust

Stardust is mined in two ways.

Corp Missions: New Stardust can be minted through the completion of corp missions in which an exchange of equivalent value takes place. This is Starlight Industries version of a user being a miner and rewarded for their contributions to the ecosystem. In turn these contributions will expand the utilities of Stardust and thus bring value to its holders.

Direct Purchase: Fresh stardust may be minted directly from the treasury at a small premium above true spot price. Real investment grade gold must be exchanged with the treasury to use this service and the gold will be used to back the newly minted SD.

Someone seeking to obtain Stardust must either acquire it from an existing holder, mission completion or go this route. This method helps curb excessive unsustainable speculation and build reserves. There is always an incentive to check the market first for potential deals but if no suitable arrangement is found then anyone can mint from the treasury at any time. Possible scenarios would be lack of volume available, poor prices, etc.

Example: Stardust is trading at $100 per unit but the reserve gold backing is only $50 worth of gold. In this scenario its evident speculation has gotten out of hand and this rally isn’t sustainable or healthy for holders. In this case anyone could mint Stardust for much less directly from the treasury by exchanging gold at a predetermined rate above true value (the value of gold in reserves) and thus presenting arbitrage potential bringing the value of Stardust back down to be in line with its real value.

Value Proposition

Stardust is beneficial in many ways, but most notably as a store of value. The process of minting directly from the treasury supplies more reserve assets to back the circulating supply. Through natural interactions with the ecosystem, Stardust is burned which causes the ratio of gold reserves per circulating coin to increase and thus raising the true value of the coin for all holders.

Redemption Value: Stardust is redeemable for goods and services supplied by Starlight Industries at any time. All Stardust spent within the corp is burned entirely at no benefit to the corporation and thus prices will be higher than usual as the burning of SD increases the value of everyone’s Stardust holdings at the expense of shareholders.

Current Utility List

  • Tiered Asset checkout Subscription: SD holders may subscribe monthly for a Stardust fee to checkout corporate assets for use up to a predetermined value threshold.
  • Corp Public Facility Subscription: SD holders may subscribe monthly for a Stardust fee to be reimbursed 100% of all in game rental fees spent using any corporate owned slots.
  • SD Shop: SD holders may redeem goods from the SD shop in exchange for Stardust
  • P2P: Holders may spend their currency how they please peer to peer and offer their own services in exchange for SD as well
  • Interoperability: Stardust may be used as our sole currency between all gaming platforms Starlight Industries engages with
  • If there is available supply in the treasury, Stardust may be redeemed for Class B shares in the corporation at a 50SD :1CB ratio. Shares can also be exchanged with the treasury to mint new Stardust at a 1CB: 25 SD ratio.
  • Dust Conversion:
  • Loans: Starlight Industries will offer GRP and or GFC loans to approved individuals and the interest can be paid in SD
  • Exclusive Events: Occasionally events will be made in which only users that hold a minimum SD balance can participate in

Verifying the Integrity of Gold Reserves

We will be using PAXG to create an easily auditable gold reserve by anyone at any time on the ethereum blockchain. Should a SD holder or interested individual wish to look up the authenticity of the treasury reserve, they can easily do so by placing the treasurys reserves ethereum address into the Paxos website. Every PAX Gold token is backed by an ounce of allocated gold and the serial number and information about the owned gold can be found.

For more information visit:

Gold Reserve


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