Starlight Nation is a virtual country within the metaverse operating as a branded guild that seeks to competitively play and invest in the crypto gaming space. We invest in, collect, lease and produce NFTs for profit, with the intent of enriching the player gaming experience for everyone. Our virtual nation cant be ruled alone so we have divided sovereign rights into tokens so everyone can benefit and participate in our growth.

SN tokens are our guild token and allow the holder to earn periodic rewards in our guild currency Stardust, which can be spent on video game goods and services.

Starlight Nation is a video game guild and not a real company. However, Starlight Nation is owned and overseen by a real world corporation.

Fallen Star Holdings Inc. is the legal and operational name of the real world company and is registered and incorporated in Canada.

A token holder of starlight nation is someone who owns at least 1 SN token

Starlight Nation token holders are eligible to make their voices heard on the direction of the guild by making proposals and voting on proposals made by other holders. The company will have the final decision as to whether or not something is implemented but will take the public opinion into account highly.

SN tokens holders are also eligible for Stardust rewards based on guild performance and at the sole discretion of the company. Stardust can be redeemed for goods & services in any game title we support.

Starlight Nation tokens are a video game product sold by the company and thus, tokens can be purchased directly. SN tokens may also be earned as a reward for fulfilling guild objectives within the games we play among other scenarios.

SN tokens are finite so once all 100 million tokens are circulating a player must obtain them secondhand from another player.

Stardust is our guild based currency and can be spent on goods an services in any game title we support. Stardust may also be traded among members directly for goods and services within these games. When the max SN token supply has been reached, stardust will become the only mainstream reward for all guild missions.

Stardust can be earned in game by contributing to guild missions. This enables free to play gamers to access premium paid content with no costs. Stardust may also be purchased from the company like any ordinary video game content. In addition, gamers may obtain Stardust from other players who have also earned or purchased Stardust themselves.

If a player owns SN tokens they can earn Stardust rewards just by holding the token!

No, SN tokens do not constitute a security in any way nor do they meet the definition of one by the howey test. Starlight Nation tokens are not an investment and do not imply ownership of the real world company in any way. SN tokens do not have any equity entitlement or share of company revenues and therefore cannot be an investment contract of any kind.

Starlight Nation tokens are a premium loyalty token of the guild, similar to buying a lifetime membership, and are given rewards in Stardust at the discretion of the company.

No, Stardust is a utility token with the sole purpose of being spent on goods an services we provide in our ecosystem. The easiest way to think about Stardust is a rewards point or gift card.

Stardust is not an investment nor intended to be and offers no equity entitlement or profit share of any kind.

Stardust allows you to earn in a few ways. First, Stardust can be sold on the secondary market to other players who wish to access content without putting in the time or even exclusive content only obtainable through Stardust. Second, Stardust can be used to leverage guild assets in order to produce returns in other ways. As an example, you could lease a guild spaceship in a game and use that ship to to mine rare resources people could be willing to pay for. Finally, Stardust can be used to pay and incentivize other gamers to complete missions for you. This allows you to advance your own project and thus earn that way.

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