Starlight Industries is a guild based in Crypto Space Commander and the only guild that operates like a corporation. We value dedication and perseverance over one’s wallet size here!

Yes this is a real company but Starlight Industries is just the name of the in game guild and not the actual business. Fallen Star Holdings Inc. is the legal and operational name of the company and is registered and incorporated in Canada.

All guild members begin as regular members and work through clearance levels 1-5 with level 4 being the highest rank achievable by a recruit. Rank 5 is reserved for the founders as a failsafe. Clearance levels indicate ones loyalty and contribution to the guild and company similar to stars assigned to a general in the military. Higher clearance levels have access to locked channels and upon achieving level 4 become a member of the guilds board.

Starlight Industries is considered its own guild entity and all members are considered its guild shareholders once they have achieved their first share. Shares in the guild are virtual shares and do not indicate any legal ownership of the registered company or any type of entitlement in its operations and therefore cannot be deemed a security but rather a loyalty token. Guild shares will receive a 20% profit share in the form of Stardust (our operational crypto) for the title they are for. Each guild we create has 100k max share supply and only shares in that specific title.

Owners of virtual shares will receive the similar benefits as a real shareholder at the discretion of the company for compliance reasons.The company will also offer to buyback the guild shares from time to time.

As a shareholder of Fallen Star Holdings Inc. you are entitled to your share of dividends issued by the board of directors, voting rights on business operations depending on the class of share you own and an equity stake into the companies holdings. Ex: If you held 1 share and the maximum was 100 then your share would be entitled to 1% of all dividends issued and be backed by 1% of the corps increasing equity floor.

As a loyalty shareholder of Starlight Industries Guild you will receive similar benefits as a real shareholder but in a different way to ensure legal requirements have been met. Loyalty shareholders do not need to undergo KYC an AML requirements as it is defined as a product in which our company sells or allows others to earn and does not indicate any ownership or entitlement of earnings from the actual business.

There are benefits to each scenario. Registered shares cant be transferred at will and will not trade publicly resulting in a lack of liquidity but they are legally recognized. Loyalty shares maintain similar benefits but have increased liquidity since they can be transferred to whomever whenever but are not legally recognized and the company reserves the right to buy these shares back from the market at equity value or market rate any time, whichever is higher.

To achieve a stake in Starlight Industries Guild, members will have to contribute to the clan. Corp missions will be posted in which members can achieve Stardust and later exchange it for Guild Shares. Existing shareholders are encouraged to participate in general regardless as it puts their resources to work in their interest anyways and stardust has value in the ecosystem as a currency as well. The larger the corp grows using combined resources, the larger the dividends and equity floor become. There will also be a few sale rounds in which members or outsiders will be able to purchase guild shares.

Shares in the parent company will only be obtainable through $ based purchase and after having undergone KYC requirements

Functioning as corporation, we do allow outsiders from other alliances to hold shares because we are a publicly traded company (loyalty shares) rather than a traditional guild. Starlight industries is a hybrid system in which members do not have to be shareholders to partake in clan activities. These members are like traditional alliance players and thus can access corporate assets in mutual interest between them and the corporation but will not receive dividends or any equity entitlement due to lack of stake. As a result, outsiders can own an interest in our business operations but won’t be part of the day to day operations. Example: Think of being a shareholder in a company like Microsoft. You own a portion of the company equity and receive dividends from profits but don’t actually have anything to do with the business.

Class A & B Shares carry the same equity and dividend entitlements but differ greatly in their voting weights. Class A shares carry 10x the voting weight per share than Class B and are only obtainable by the board initially. Once seeded they may be traded secondhand to anyone with some restrictions placed for overall company health.

20% of the total registered Class B company share supply will be awarded evenly to the 2 founding members of the corporation if the company is successful. This is what was considered reasonable compensation for the planning, management, out of pocket prize funding and building of the company from the ground up. 100% of the Class A shares will also be retained by the founders

Success is defined in that the original roadmap has been completed and the company is profitable. A minimum $100’000 corp net worth in hard assets will also be required for founder shares to release. Hard asset implies an asset that is finite and sufficiently liquid to maintain its value over time. In other words at any time you could easily liquidate them for full value without concern.

Stardust is our guild based currency issued in a similar manner to a sovereign dollar. Stardust may be traded among members for goods and services in addition to being redeemable for anything the corp sells both goods and services. When the max share supply has been reached, stardust will become the only mainstream reward for all corp missions.

Stardust is considered a corporate liability in a similar manner to a dollar being a countries liability. 

Stardust can only be minted when the corporation has sufficient gold reserves to do so. We adopted the old fashioned gold standard to ensure our currency will always have value regardless of what it can purchase. Every Stardust minted whether through missions or purchase always has a minimum 5% investment grade gold stored in the corps possession backing it.

Stardust cannot be redeemed for this gold ensuring that it cant be defined as a security. Instead this is a good faith and publicly auditable measure facilitated through PaxG on the blockchain to give users peace of mind. In the event the corp shut down wed buyback all Stardust in circulation with the 5% gold reserve backing it treating it as a debt.

Stardust will frequently be over backed by reserve gold as the company will only mint new Stardust in exchange for goods an services needed but accumulation will never stop.

Stardust adopts a built in 10% transfer burn that acts in a similar fashion to a sales tax a government charges. However, rather than pocket this expense the Stardust is instead destroyed out of existence resulting in an increase of gold reserves per circulating coin. This creates a healthy mint burn cycle in which the company can continue to fund expansion while maintaining the integrity of its currency at all times.

Stardust minted is issued at face value and the company will always accept the currency for its goods or services at declared value. As gold reserves grow well beyond the 5% minimum, the secondhand market will adopt its own value ultimately resulting in an appreciating currency that could very well become over backed several times over some day. The secondhand market will act as a health metric in which the value of SD indicates how well our company manages its printing. More printing results in a lower ratio of gold per circulating coin and thus a less valuable coin while less printing alongside gold accumulation results in a larger reserve to coin ratio and a higher valued coin.

Starlight industries is focused on ship crafting at its core for CSC. While modules, resource trades and other services may be offered, our primary industry will always fall back on ship crafting in high volumes every month. We intend to focus on Prometheus class ships as they are considered the mainstream ship class everyone will achieve and they aren’t out of reach price wise like dreadnaughts are to the average consumer. Rather than producing high cost luxury vessels for sale, we aim to instead sell mass volumes of everyday vessels, supplementing this income using various corsair class ships for upselling (Targeted at fleet control users).

Starlight Industries ultimate goal is to convert the profit from the active revenue streams above into passive cash flow based assets. Eventually the income from passive assets should exceed that of which we can produce actively and well expand into additional game titles/external revenue streams.

The company will position as a multiplatform crypto game playing business that provides seamless interoperability between gaming titles through the use of Stardust and various check-in checkout systems. Players wont have to own assets from any game title we support, all they need is Stardust which is both purchasable and earnable for free. Stardust will allow them to access our subscription which will allow them to use a vault with tens of thousands in assets from various titles for a low monthly fee in Stardust. Think netflix but for games and the option to purchase for free.

It is our vision that with the successful expansion into other titles, we will create a valuable currency and quite literally pay people to play video games via Stardust while profiting as a company selling finished products and subscriptions.

* The CEO can be voted in an out by shareholders and large decisions are voted on
* The shareholders own the guild and all its assets
* When a member that owns shares is removed they still keep all shares and stardust earned
* Members have mutual incentive to contribute and financial interest in doing so
* Corporations are companies and thus have an advantage of external income
* Registered corps can hold assets in a company name and get large tax advantages
* The leader has complete control over the guilds operations
* The leader owns the guild, not you
* When a member is kicked out they lose everything as if they never joined
* Members contribute due to enforced donation policies
* CSC guilds are limited to what CSC has to offer
* Income is taxable at the source with no tax breaks and a max income limit achievable before becoming an illegal unregistered business.

Fallen Star Holdings has long term ambitions of expanding across multiple game titles leading up to a full fledged crypto gaming company and expansion into real world assets. Some day you might just be able to pay your rent in Stardust…

©2021 Starlight Industries

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